Why do I show mercy for "white" antagonists *SPOILERS*

Yeah, what the name says.

Why do I show mercy for "white" antagonists *SPOILERS*

Postby White Wolf » Tue Jun 28, 2016 10:33 pm

Okay, I figured I would address an issue that I thought would make an interesting topic, since this place seems dead already, and maybe I can stir some discussions up.

Antagonist #1. Drago the Wolf (Archie Sonic Comic): I know everyone has heard about my stories and theories of Drago's redemption, time and time again, so I will not go into further detail.

Antagonist #2. Lumine (Mega Man X8) At first, I thought it was kind of cool that you got to battle this guy, and at first, I thought he was a girl, but when I found out he was a guy, I thought it was interesting, not in a gay way. I am straight, I just liked Lumine's design, regardless of what gender he was, but I just thought that Lumine should have been captured and had the Sigma DNA data removed from his copy chip, due to the fact that, it was NOT Lumine's fault for fighting against the Maverick Hunters at the end of Mega Man X8. The only reason I heard, that Lumine went Maverick, was because he, along with other new generation Reploids with copy abilities, who had Sigma's DNA data on their copy chips among hundreds of other old model Reploids, that copied Sigma, once they had copied Sigma was all it took for them to be influenced by the Sigma data in their copy chips, they can't help but "go Maverick at will" as Lumine states it. In other words, from what I gather, if Lumine would not have copied Sigma at the beginning of Mega Man X8, he might not have gone Maverick at all, unless he copied Sigma at a later time in the game. So, while other people on another board I go to, said it would be impossible to remove the Sigma DNA data from the new generation Reploids, I believe that it is possible, and Lumine could have been damaged, but not beyond repair, or destroyed, and just captured, and had the Sigma DNA data removed from Lumine's copy chip, or the removal of the copy chip from Lumine's body altogether and replaced with new copy chip devoid of Sigma DNA data, or a more primitive copy chip like Axl's if need be, altogether, if removing the Sigma DNA data from the copy chip were not possible.

Antagonist #3. Assistant Mayor Dawn Bellwether (Zootopia) Okay, this character was clearly, and obviously used and abused. The main Mayor, Mayor Lionheart would slap Dawn around, similar to Drago's abusive side toward Hershey, and Lionheart would also order Dawn around like as if she were some kind of slave, slam doors in her face, and make her drop folders of files that she already had a hard time balancing and carrying, and to top it off, Lionheart gives Bellwether a boiler room as her office, and a cheap "World's Greatest Dad" mug, which he scribbled out the "Dad" and put "Assistant Mayor" in red ink, and Bellwether did make the remark that, she thought "Lionheart maybe just wanted the sheep vote" so he basically used Bellwether to get elected, so, how could you blame her for getting angered at Lionheart and predator animals in general, to the point where she despised them and did not even want to look at them. So, Bellwether tries to drive all predators savage, so that she can order them all caged up (I assume) and have the city of Zootopia ruled and ran by prey animals. But if you watched everything Bellwether endured, she may not be as crooked or insane as many would peg her.

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