This would be good for if Drago actually cared for his peopl

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This would be good for if Drago actually cared for his peopl

Postby White Wolf » Fri Sep 02, 2016 1:03 am

I was just viewing the beginning of a game from my youth "Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel" and thought "Wow, this could be an interesting story for if Drago worked for Eggman, just to have the good life, but still cared for his Pack and old friends, and Hershey:

I could see it going like this:

Scene 1.

***Drago reads a letter from Hershey***


The evil lumberjack Jack the Cheat is chopping down the Great Forest to print paper money from stolen plates. He has Lupe.

Please return home at once.

Love Hershey

(Did not want to use everything the same, so I gave the evil lumberjack a similar, but different name, as you may have noticed)


Scene 2. Drago: I must return home. The forest is in danger.

Eggman: You are my number one operative! Your loyalty is here with me.

Drago: My homeland needs me. My Pack needs me! That is more important!


Scene 4. Eggman: Nothing is more important than your mission here with me. I forbid you to leave. You can not go!


Scene 5. Drago: Watch me!

(I can easily see Drago putting on a very aggressive face, as he points at Eggman)


Scene 6. Eggman: Go then, my furry friend but don't say I didn't warn you. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....


Man, if I hit on the lottery or fall into a pot of money or something, I am going to make a game where you play as Drago, and as I said, you are on Eggman's side, but Eggman is just content with ruling most of Mobius, and kind of lets the Freedom Fighters keep their little portion of Mobius, and do their own thing, at least for the time being. Oh, and you would play as pre-legionized normal flesh and blood arms Drago (what if Eggman decided to detonate Drago's cybernetic arms, for trying to leave him against Eggman's will, and help the Wolf Pack and his old friends and allies, and I hate Drago's new look anyway, and legionizing Drago would NOT happen) Drago would not be so welcome to the fellow woodland creatures at first, until the end of the game, where he fights and defeats Eggman whom betrays Drago at the end of the game, and upon Eggman's defeat, and the Egg Carrier crashes into a mountain, with Drago parachuting from the airship holding Hershey in his arms, and Eggman's fate unknown. (Similar to the plot in the Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel game) I would show more detail at the ending of "Wolf Pack" though, with Drago and a forgiving Hershey cuddling, and Lupe and the Wolf Pack and their people celebrating and cheering around Drago.

There's your video game plot for the video game, "Wolf Pack" I like it!

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