Limited Edition Sonic Print Now Available

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Limited Edition Sonic Print Now Available

Postby Ken Penders » Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:30 pm

Remember this cover?


It's one of two pieces of cover art that were actually airbrushed, and both were done by yours truly. The original hangs on a wall in my home, and it's always a topic of conversation whenever someone drops in for the first time.

In answer to a number of requests by those who have seen it hang in my home or displayed at comic conventions, I'm now releasing an extremely limited first come-first serve print edition approximately 11" x 17" in size, limited - that is - to 50 copies, each signed and individually numbered. Once the 50 are sold out, that's it. The only way anyone else gets a copy is if someone else makes theirs available for sale. This is for the fans interested in adding something special to their collection not available anywhere else.

The cost for a print will be $50 plus $10 shipping & handling charges in US funds. If you live outside the continental US, please ask for a shipping rate.

In the US, the print will be delivered via 2-day Priority Service, and shipped guaranteed to arrive in the condition you expect.

In order to acquire a copy, simply EMAIL ME with your request to purchase a print. This will lock in the numbered print you will receive. Once I receive your request, I will invoice you with a link for which you can make payment via credit card, which will be a secured transaction that even I will not have access to your credit card info.

Should you wish to use other means of payment, such as a personal or bank cheque or money order, please state that as your means of payment when placing your order, upon which you will receive info where to send payment. Bank cheques and money orders will result in a 24-hour turnaround for your item to ship. When paying by personal check, a 7-day waiting period will be required for the check to clear the bank.

Once payment has been processed and your print ships, you will be notified by email that your item is making its way to you.

Should the print sell out by the time you place your order, you will not be issued an invoice, but instead an emailed notice that there aren't any more prints available.

If you want the signature on your print to be addressed to a specific individual, such as yourself or the recipient of a gift, you must state on your order that you would like the print personalized "To (state the name) -". Otherwise, I will just sign my name if you don't notify me of your intent when placing your order.

One last item: I will begin selling the prints at the Long Beach Comic-Con being held this weekend at Long Beach, CA on February 28 through March 1, so you can pick yours up in person if they haven't yet sold out. Thanks.
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