Cover art by Patrick Spaziante and Ken Penders
from a layout by Ken Penders

KNUCKLES #15 features the conclusion of a three-part story spotlighting the group of characters known as THE CHAOTIX. The group, generally consisting of Charmy the Bee, Espio the Chameleon, Mighty the Armadillo and Vector the Crocodile, has shared in Knuckles' adventures off and on since the KNUCKLES' CHAOTIX SPECIAL a couple of years back. Though the special was initially conceived as a way to spotlight attention on the Sega 32x game cartridge of the same name, the characters have since come into their own, with various segments of fans embracing each individual character.

In this issue, everything comes to a head as the Chaotix face off with Downtown Ebony Hare for all the marbles, to say nothing of what happens to Charmy.

"Picking Up The Pieces" was written by yours truly, with dynamite pencils by Manny Galan and incredible inks by Andrew Pepoy. Barry Grossman provides the coloring, with lettering by Vickie Williams. Edited by Justin Gabrie. Published by Archie Comics.


For those of you wishing to purchase KNUCKLES #15 if you're unable to find a copy at your favorite store, go to the ORIGINAL ART & MORE STORE for further information.

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