Cover art by Patrick Spaziante and Ken Penders
from a layout by Ken Penders

This story came about because I needed an answer to a question.

I had begun writing the back-up stories in SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, and I had started out with a 4-parter featuring the creation of an elite commando squad that would operate behind-the-scenes on King Acorn's behalf. This squad would serve a twofold purpose. It would serve as a counterpoint to the Freedom Fighters, handling the more militaristic aspects of the storylines, as well as underscore that King Acorn would be conducting business differently from before. The first three parts showcased the gathering of the team, their initial training and their resulting cohesiveness to work as a team, leaving only one last aspect to resolve:

What would be their mission?

Initially, it was connected to the current sub-plot running in the latest issues of SONIC where a mysterious entity is activating these satellites, but I was too far ahead of schedule at the time, and writer Karl Bollers was only just beginning to put together what he wanted to do for upcoming issues, so that left me scrambling for days on end wracking my brain to figure out a solution.

Since I couldn't afford to get behind schedule, I began work on another issue of KNUCKLES when the answer hit me. I knew exactly what the mission was, and not only that, I knew it would have major ramifications on both series.

"Whatever Happened to Queen Alicia?" is a mystery that has intrigued Sonic fans since way back when. Originally, Mike Kanterovich and I had originally intended to answer that question within the pages of the 3-issue PRINCESS SALLY mini-series, wherein we would have discovered that Queen Alicia was alive, but not completely well, since she her brain pattern had been altered as a result of one of the evil Doctor Robotnik's experiments. Unfortunately, the Powers That Be at Sega at that time were not ready to approve the concept of the villain actually being a parent of the heroine. (A concept that would eventually find its way into the pages of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #58, as it was revealed that General D'Coolette, Antoine's father, was roboticized and now one of Robotnik's Lieutenants.) Instead, I realized the answer had been staring me in the face for the longest time, and that it involved secrets connected with the Floating Island.

Written and illustrated by the usual suspects, Ken Penders, Manny Galan and Andrew Pepoy, this epic opens up a Pandora's box of all-new mysteries while resolving many often-asked inquiries.


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