Cover art by Patrick Spaziante and Ken Penders
from a layout by Ken Penders

Now that we were off and running as a series, I was serving notice with the second issue that literally anything could and would happen. The biggest crime a writer can commit on his audience is to be boring and predictable, and with KNUCKLES, I had no plans to be either. If anything, I recognized immediately that KNUCKLES was my golden opportunity.

Though I have fun with what I do, I also recognize it's a business, and in this day and age, I consider myself VERY fortunate to be able to work in a profession I enjoy very much. In order to be able to survive in the comic book industry and earn a living at it, one has to generate sales. If nobody's buying the books you're working on, after awhile it becomes apparent, and editors don't throw assignments your way. However, if a book sells, and the publishers are able to determine it's because of a certain writer or artist or both, then the creator tends to gain recognition, and is offered more opportunites at other assignments. With KNUCKLES, I would either shine or fall flat on my face.

Since comics is regarded more as a visual medium than a prose one, the success of the book also depended on who was going to draw it. Fortunately, my editor Justin Gabrie selected Manny Galan, who had previously illustrated several of my Sonic scripts and whose enthusiasm for what he drew was readily apparent on every page. With Andrew Pepoy to round out the team as inker, we were set to begin what we hoped would be a long, long run.

At the moment, this page is here to give you an idea of what the story "Sins of the Fathers" is all about. In the future, you'll see a more behind-the-scenes look, including being able to compare a page from the script with the actual finished page.


For those of you wishing to purchase KNUCKLES #2 if you're unable to find a copy at your favorite store, go to the ORIGINAL ART & MORE STORE for further information.

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