Cover art by Patrick Spaziante and Ken Penders
from a layout by Ken Penders

KNUCKLES finally makes it inside Haven, an event that readers everywhere had been wondering when it would come to pass. Naturally, things don't go as everyone would expect, but there's more than enough excitement to make up for that.

While much is explained, this storyline also depicts significant developments with profound implications for future storylines in both SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA. So for those readers who haven't jumped onto the bandwagon yet, now would be a good time.

With this issue, penciller Manny Galan marks his last appearance as the regular artist. Inker Andrew Pepoy and I will reunite with Manny for our special 25th issue, as well as a series of back-up stories commencing with issue #26.


For those of you wishing to purchase KNUCKLES #21 if you're unable to find a copy at your favorite store, go to the ORIGINAL ART & MORE STORE for further information.

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