Cover art by Patrick Spaziante and Ken Penders
from a layout by Ken Penders

Two of my favorite subjects are politics and history, or rather the theory of cause and effect as I prefer to think of them. Now, before any of you groan and moan, I'll grant you that politics as currently practiced in our country or history as it currently is taught in schools CAN be deadly, boring stuff. However, when presented in an interesting and informative manner, they can be two of the most exciting subjects around. In fact, it was precisely because of my interest in history, politics and family dynamics that the KNUCKLES series evolved into the way it has today.

With this latest issue, I decided to kick the barns doors down and go for broke. While reading some of the latest accounts of what really happened prior to and during World War II, I felt a lot of the material was along the same lines as I had been thinking about developing for the Dark Legion, and it occured to me by adding some of the details to my overall narrative, it would provide that much more depth to the proceedings. For one thing, while I felt the allegory to Nazi Germany was appropriate for the series' main villains, it was the experiences of the German people that fascinated me even more. You had officers who were so devoted to their duty that it wasn't until their country was headed for ruins did they then realize what they had embarked on, as well as civilians who looked the other way when atrocities took place only to fall victim themselves or else becoming secret saviors to those who would otherwise have been put to death.

It was during this period of reflection that the answer to the biggest question posed in the series came to me, the question of why a society would renounce technology, yet still employ it on a limited basis. As soon as I realized what the answer was, however, it immediately dawned on me what the biggest problem with it was: the potential for controversy was enormous.

After debating the pros and cons, I decided that the answer would be best served if presented in allegorical terms as well, making for what I hope will be the most thought-provoking KNUCKLES epic yet. "You Say You Want A Revolution" is more than just the first of three parts to the DARK ALLIANCE story arc, as it sets up future storylines much later in the series.

ALthough I handled the scripting assignment as usual, for the first time since the series began, the artwork was rendered by other hands instead of penciller Manny Galan and inker Andrew Pepoy. For this story arc, Image Comics co-founder Jim Valentino (pencils) and Sonic inker Harvey Mercadoocasio (inks) provided a stellar job that's bound to please fans of the series.


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