Cover Art by Patrick Spaziante and Ken Penders

This one is dedicated to every female reader of SONIC and KNUCKLES, for they were both the inspiration and motivation for doing this.

When I started working on the SONIC series way back in October of '93 (seems like a lifetime ago as I write this), I was given the mandate to aim my stories towards a predominately male audience between the ages of 6 and 12. The funny thing was, along the way, we managed to acquire a sizeable female readership. So sizeable in fact, that it dwarfed even the print runs of many titles that were published by larger publishers. And vocal? they wer just as interested in the characters and the stories as the boys were, and they let us know it.

About a year ago, when I began planning an outline of which stories I wanted to do, I called up my editor Justin Gabrie and told him I wanted to do an issue of SONIC SUPER SPECIAL featuring stories focusing exclusively on the female cast memebers in their own adventure. These weren't going to be just any ol' set of stories, either. I wanted the readers to experience either an important event or learn something new about the character that would have an impact in the regular monthly titles.

As usual, Justin was agreeable, and gave me the green light to put the book together. Because I was beginning to focus on creating my own series THE LOST ONES, I decided to simply write and ink the stories, with one exception. I decided to pencil the Hershey story simply out of affection for the character. I had created her for the Endgame saga way back when, and I wanted to more fully develop her as an important character for future stories.

Intrigued by the thought of working with a different penciller on the other four stories, I recruited Jim Valentino for the Princess Sally tale and James Fry for Bunnie Rab-bot for starters. As for Lupe, it felt it both appropriate and important that a female artist of note be recruited, and so I discussed it with Justin, and we asked Colleen Doran if she would be willing to contribute. Thankfully, she did, and inking her work was an absolute joy.

Of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to finally work with Sonic artist extraodinaire Pat Spaziante on the Julie-Su story. After inking numerous covers of his, I discovered his mutual interest in working on something more together, and herein is the result. I nearly went blind in the process, but everyone was more than pleased once the finished results were in.

Below is a sample page from each story. The color versions will replace these samples at a later date.



For those of you wishing to purchase a copy of SONIC SUPER SPECIAL #11 if you're unable to find a copy at your favorite store, go to ORIGINAL ART & MORE for further information.

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