Cover art by Pat Spaziante

I wish I could give you a more detailed account of what went on with the production of this issue, but it wasn't until I read this issue that I realized how much a blur working on it was to me.

We had been gearing up to work on the Sonic adventure adaptation. (By "we", I'm referring to fellow writer Karl Bollers, editor Justin Gabrie along with myself.) A lot of planning had been going on to make this a smooth operation for all concerned. Unfortunately, Murphy's Law appeared to take hold of this project big time.

We ended up working with a Japanese version of the game, and didn't get to see the American version, complete with notable changes we weren't aware of until too late, until we were about two-thirds of the way through. On top of that, while working on the project, I was also doing my best to keep the book KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA from going under, working on my own series THE LOST ONES and handling assorted other tasks such as this website. When Justin proposed splitting up the plotting chores of this issue between karl and myself, with Karl handling the dialogue, I couldn't have been happier.

Armed with the video, i adapted certain segments to mesh in with the material Karl wrote, essentially describing the action only, since I hadn't a clue what the motivation for any of the characters in the game were. Because the special dealt primarily with the game and little if anything of the continuity I had been writing, when I finally saw the finished product, none of it looked even remotely familiar to me.

Anyway, I thought I'd do something different this time and preview a three-page segment as opposed to simply featuring three pages at random as I usually do. I hope you like.


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