Sonic 50: The Director's Cut

Cover art by Patrick Spaziante

When ENDGAME was initially conceived as a storyline that would culminate with the final showdown between SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and his arch-nemesis DOCTOR ROBOTNIK, for awhile there it seemed as though issue 50 was going to be a double-size special, including a wrap-around cover, and so I planned accordingly. Unfortunately, due to various factors beyond my control, things were considerably scaled down. So scaled down, in fact, that it was all I could do just to maintain some semblance of plot coherence in the space that was alloted to me. As a result, despite many readers enjoying SONIC #50 immensely, just as many were let down, and I couldn't blame them for feeling that way one bit. I felt just as let-down myself.

However, opportunity arose when my editor Justin Gabrie and I got together to discuss what stories I wanted to work on for the 1998 schedule. Out of the blue, I proposed making an issue of SONIC SUPER SPECIAL the "Director's Cut" of SONIC #50. After giving the matter some thought, Justin gave me the go-ahead to submit the script as it was originally intended, upon which he assigned to new SONIC regular artist Steven Butler the task of illustrating the restored segments.

Except for one page. That page was my special page, my original gift to the SONIC fans, and I knew that had to be done just right to really make all of this worthwhile. So I suggested to Justin who I thought should illustrate that one particular page, and he agreed. The final results are nothing short of spectacular, and I suspect that piece of original art will be among the most highly sought-after among the fans.

So here it is, the finale of ENDGAME as it was originally meant to be, and brought to you with considerable pride. I may not have gotten the wrap-around cover, but considering how the rest of the book turned out, I can live with that. Enjoy.


For those of you wishing to purchase SONIC SUPER SPECIAL #6 if you're unable to find a copy at your favorite store, go to the ORIGINAL ART & MORE STORE for further information.

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