Cover art by Jerome K Moore

You either chase after assignments, or they get thrown into your lap. Anything else is only a variation of either scenario.

Case in point: I had stopped into the DC offices while on one of my periodic forays to New York City in search of work. (I was also in town to attend the DC Christmas party once again, a perfect excuse to mix business with pleasure.) As I was talking to editor Jim Owsley about doing more work for him, editor Kim Yale popped into the office and asked me to speak with her afterwards. In the it-never-rains-but-it-pours category, Jim was giving me work on THE JAGUAR title he was then editing, and alerting me to the fact he was interested in me doing some fill-in work on the DRAGONLANCE title. My business with Jim concluded, I traipsed on down to Kim's offices, where she was waiting to spring her latest surprise on me.

Kim was already familiar with me and my work, having inherited from the previous editor the TSR line of books DC was then publishing, including the outstanding assignments, of which one which had been promised to me. Most editors wouldn't have cared who had been promised what by the previous regime, but Kim did the honorable thing with everyone who had been promised work, and quickly established herself as not only professional, but someone whose word could be trusted. Thus, having worked well together on the FORGOTTEN REALMS ANNUAL, Kim decided upon hearing of my interest in all things TREK that we could work just as well on this latest assignment.

DC had just decided to publish both STAR TREK and STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION on a bi-weekly basis during the summer of '92, and since it was already December of '91, assignments had to be handed out in order for deadlines to be met. Since then-regular artist Pete Krause was busy meeting his current NEXT GENERATION deadlines, Kim decided to throw the 3-issue storyline already approved by the Licensing Department of Paramount Pictures my way to get the ball rolling. By luck of the draw, it was a Q story. Even more fun, it was a Q story where he turned the Enterprise crew into Klingons.

Kim gave me cart blanche to do whatever I wanted in terms of storytelling and layout, eager to break the stodgy mold the books were in, even to the point where I could get involved in the inking.

When she was through briefing me, I had to pinch myself. Right then and there, I had landed the assignment I had always dreamed of doing, and given permission to draw it the way I wanted. Unfortunately, as events would play out for Kim and me, it was too good to last for either of us.

Below are pages from issue #33, written by Michael Jan Friedman, pencilled by yours truly, inked by Pablo Marcos, lettered by Bob Pinaha and colored by Julianna Ferriter.


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