Cover art by Jason Palmer

Halfway through completing the art for this issue, I took what finished pages I had down to New York. Since I hadn't any assignments lined up for certain once I completed this issue, I figured I'd better go prowling around the DC and Marvel corridors once again and see what I could shake out. This time out, though, the news wasn't promising, and it had nothing to do with me.

Editor Kim Yale took me to lunch once again, only this time to tell me things weren't going so well. The long knives were out and she was being set up to take a fall. When certain people feel you don't belong or deserve your position and feel they deserve it more or that they're friends do, you either get out of the way or fight back. Kim wasn't about to get out the way, but she didn't have the support to fight back, either, so she was already preparing me for the fact she wouldn't be around to carry through with her intentions.

Seeing my opportunity to be a regular Star Trek artist fly out the window, I offered her my moral support anyway. If I heard of any opportunites for her, I'd let her know. (I found it quite ironic over the years I've managed to help other people out even when I couldn't land a break myself, and since my success over the past few years, I'm still in there trying to offer assistance to whoever I can.)

A couple of weeks later, I had turned in the remaining pages only to see Kim replaced by editor Alan Gold. Unlike Kim, Alan didn't care much for my approach to storytelling, and I'd have to work all that much harder to catch a break from him.

On a more positive note, I did manage to cut a deal with inker Pablo Marcos, which allowed me to retain all the original art rendered for issues #33 and #35. Every page from both issues are currently in my possession, and no, I haven't any desire at this time to part with a single piece.

Below are pages from issue #35, written by Michael Jan Friedman, pencilled by yours truly, inked by Pablo Marcos, lettered by Bob Pinaha and colored by Mike McCormick.


For those of you wishing to purchase STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION #35 if you're unable to find a copy at your favorite store, go to the ORIGINAL ART & MORE STORE for further information.

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