Cover by Howard Chaykin


Everyone has to start somewhere. Looking back, I can't help but consider myself more fortunate than most. It's not many people who get to see their work first appearing in a project commemorating STAR TREK's 20th Anniversary, with the added benefit of being released when STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME premiered at the theaters.

For this, I owe a debt of gratitude to then-DC Comics editor Robert Greenberger for his willingness to work with new talent. He gave me my first shot with this project, and though it would be over four years before we would work together again, he stayed in contact and was quite helpful with his suggestions, as I'd send along copies of whatever stories I was illustrating in the meantime.

WHO'S WHO IN STAR TREK wasn't your typical comic book in that it didn't have a story. Instead, this two-issue mini-series was intended to be work of reference in regards to the characters, technology and organizations that make up the STAR TREK universe. Writer Allan Asherman supplied the text while a virtual army of pencillers and inkers provided the accompanying visuals. I had the honor of illustrating 12 out of 96 pages, more than any other artist involved, and one of the few acknowledged in the foreword on the inside cover of issue #2.

Featured here are two of the six characters I illustrated for the first issue, each of which was inked by a different artist. In the not-too-distant future, other characters I rendered for these books will be on display, and you can have the fun examining how each individual inker applied their style to mine. Regarding these two selections, I feel the KYLE piece to be the best-inked out of every one I pencilled. As for the KELSO page, I selected that because of the macabre story concerning the inker of this piece, who's currently serving anywhere from twenty-five years to life for murdering the woman he was living with.


For those of you wishing to purchase a copy of WHO'S WHO IN STAR TREK #1 or #2, if you're unable to find copies in the back issue bins at your favorite store, go to the ORIGINAL ART & MORE STORE for further information.

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