Cover by Howard Chaykin


For my encore in the second issue, among the characters and items I had to illustrate was one that had never been shown before but mentioned quite often throughout the series up until this point. Imagine how dumbfounded I was when editor Bob Greenberger asked me to come up with my representation of Starfleet Academy, subject to approval by the Paramount Licensing Department.

Taking my cue from the present day Military Academies, especially the US Air Force Academy located in Colorado, I decided for training purposes more than anything else that the deserts in Arizona would be perfect for would-be Captains-in-training. Once the basic layout of classrooms, dormitory, gym, chapel and other ammenities currently offered at the military academies were in place, I added such 23rd-century options as Holographic Study Area, Anti-grav Training Area and the Memorial to those who died in the Federation-Romulan War.

Fortunately for me, everyone signed off on my version at the time. (When it was finally established the Academy was located in San Francisco in the STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION episode "The First Duty", I could never figure out the rationale for concentrating all of Starfleet's assets in one location. What do you have left after an enemy attack?)

On a lighter, and more pleasant note, I was one of the few artists editor Bob Greenberger mentioned specifically on the inside cover introduction, acknowledging me as a promising newcomer to the industry.


For those of you wishing to purchase a copy of WHO'S WHO IN STAR TREK #1 or #2 if you're unable to find copies in the back issue bins at your favorite store, go to ORIGINAL ART & MORE for further information.

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